Journaling has brought me closer to my wife, kids, and God and also to my team at work along with helping me find my “real” friends. More on that later. 


The amazing part of journaling is that you can go back through your writings every so often and start seeing patterns and discovering yourself. For instance, I discovered that I wrote a lot about my emotions that I never shared with anyone, ever. But since we are one person all of your troubles and challenges in personal and professional life spill over each other and now you can start dissecting yourself like a shrink - for free. I know it’s scary but true. 


Here’s the thing that I learned four years into journaling. The crazy thing about journaling is that it helps you look at yourself from a third person perspective. It’s a therapy in itself. It’s the best medicine you can take daily as you wake up or before you go to sleep. It’s your best friend that will never lie to you or judge you. It’s your mentor that will guide you. It’s your therapist at no cost. It’s your story that you write little by little every day and can make changes that will transform you into someone you really want to be.


For me, I found this pattern of five things that emerged over and over in my writing. I started calling it “Lead from H.E.A.R.T” that I talked about all the time.


So let’s dive into the ocean of vulnerability, trust, happiness, joy, sacrifice, love, hate, deception, and self-awareness that we all so desperately seek, every single day - one letter at a time.

So here is how it goes:


 What made me truly Happy today?

 What did I Embrace learning today?

 What do I need to pay more Attention to?                          

 What’s is the Right thing that I am struggling with?

 What am I Thankful for?


And of course, every good letter should have a P.S. so I use to write about a couple of things I want to do tomorrow so they are top of mind for me.

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